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US-2011010352-A1: Method and system of providing search tools patent, US-2011083549-A1: Multi-Functional Armor System patent, US-2015101588-A1: Grease filter, manufacturing method thereof and cooking device having the same patent, US-2010143503-A1: Combinations of nitric oxide and sulfide and methods of use and manufacture thereof patent, US-2011066876-A1: Trap-based configuration audit patent, US-2010220018-A1: Ice and snow accretion-preventive antenna, electric wire, and insulator having water-repellent, oil-repellent, and antifouling surface and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2010193981-A1: Apparatus and Methods for Interconnecting Tubular Sections patent, US-2011225215-A1: Computer system and method of executing application program patent, US-2014065559-A1: Pressurized oxy-combustion power boiler and power plant and method of operating the same patent, US-2011106697-A1: Transaction product assembly with remote controlled article patent, US-2010242688-A1: Hand tool with torque drive shaft patent, US-2010174446-A1: Automotive diagnostic process patent, US-2011162390-A1: Methods and systems for cryogenic cooling patent, US-2011263025-A1: Biodegradable polydisulfide amines for gene delivery patent, US-2013131119-A1: N-[(het)arylethyl)] pyrazole(thio)carboxamides and their heterosubstituted analogues patent, US-2014097877-A1: Signal flow control through clock signal rate adjustments patent, US-2011189696-A1: Monoclonal antibody stro-4 patent, US-2011303919-A1: Display device and electronic device having the display device, and method for manufacturing thereof patent, US-2014154282-A1: Conjugates utilizing platform technology for stimulating immune response patent, US-2010239490-A1: Processes for growing carbon nanotubes using disordered carbon target patent, US-2011229726-A1: Stains, coatings, and sealers patent, US-2013090472-A1: Gold complexes for use in the treatment of cancer patent, US-2013098764-A1: Method for producing reaction instrument for electrophoresis, apparatus for producing reaction instrument for electrophoresis, base for gel immobilization, reaction instrument for electrophoresis and kit for electrophoresis patent, US-2014037961-A1: System For Purifying, Producing And Storing Biomolecules patent, US-2014081025-A1: Heteroaromatic ring derivative patent, US-2014373679-A1: Passivation and alloying element retention in gas atomized powders patent, US-2010192966-A1: Resin composition for a liquid container and a liquid container composed thereof patent, US-2012021488-A1: Thermotolerant non-k12 escherichia coli phytase and its production patent, US-2012063888-A1: Abradable coating with safety fuse patent, US-2012070470-A1: Hemostatic compositions, devices, and methods patent, US-2013146833-A1: Memory cells having a plurality of heaters patent, US-2014329299-A1: Method and plant for separating carbon dioxide from crude gases containing methane patent, US-2011127410-A1: Optical sensor, optical sensor array, optical sensor driving method, and optical sensor array driving method patent, US-2012271210-A1: Conformable material for an orthotic device and method of making same patent, US-2012308871-A1: Production and use of ceramic composite materials based on a polymeric carrier film patent, US-2013122411-A1: Developer, developer container, image formation unit, and image formation apparatus patent, US-2014255361-A1: Estrogen-receptor based ligand system for regulating protein stability patent, US-2015125636-A1: Encapsulation of a stiffener layer in aluminum patent, US-2014113785-A1: Printing sleeve including meltable polymeric cord reinforcing layer or polymeric reinforcing layer patent, US-2015139983-A1: Use of blocking agents of bone morphogenic protein (bmp) signalling for the treatment of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases patent, US-2014294993-A1: Method for treatment of mesothelioma patent, US-2015131928-A1: Package and method for producing the package patent, US-2014378403-A1: Compounds For Reducing Drug Resistance And Uses Thereof patent, US-2011121291-A1: Light-emitting element and the manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2011060454-A1: Article vending machine and method for exchanging an inoperable article for an operable article patent, US-2010281785-A1: Roof Spoiler patent, US-2010209443-A1: Vaccine for the Prevention of Breast Cancer Relapse patent, US-2013023448-A1: Methods for Treating Hydrocarbon-Servicing Fluids and Wastewater and Fluids Produced Using the Same patent, US-2011233625-A1: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2010303726-A1: Humanized collagen antibodies and related methods patent, US-2011155371-A1: High solids content slurries and methods patent, US-2011059279-A1: Nitrile rubbers which optionally contain alkylthio terminal groups and which are optionally hydrogenated patent, US-2011150866-A1: Compositions and Methods for Increasing Bone Mineralization patent, US-2011063-A: Valve construction patent, US-2012222812-A1: Fire Retardant Materials and Methods patent, US-2012321649-A1: Peptide Vaccines for Cancers Expressing Tumor-Associated Antigens patent, US-2013148238-A1: Neutralization of static charge on magnetic tape patent, US-2013165633-A1: Endogenous and Non-Endogenous Versions of Human G Protein-Coupled Receptors patent, US-2013224182-A1: Bcl-g polypeptides, encoding nucleic acids and methods of use patent, US-2012096586-A1: Markerless transformation patent, US-2012225903-A1: Novel 2-Substituted Quinoline Derivatives, And Method For Preparing Same patent, US-2013261107-A1: Bicyclic oxazole and thiazole compounds and their use as allosteric modulators of mglur5 receptors patent, US-2014050683-A1: Heterocyclic resorcinol derivatives, preparation of same and cosmetic uses thereof patent, US-2011244202-A1: Fluoropolyimide intermediate transfer members patent, US-2011274811-A1: Cellulose gums with reduced variabililty and method for producing same patent, US-2012165307-A1: Azaindoles useful as inhibitors of janus kinases patent, US-2013052568-A1: Resist pattern forming method, resist pattern, positive resist composition, nanoimprint mold and photomask patent, US-2012225088-A1: Compositions and methods for treating cancer and other diseases patent, US-2014099257-A1: Androgen Suppression, Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen and the Concept of Conditionally Enhanced Vulnerability patent, US-2012071631-A1: Isolation and Characterization of Novel Green Fluorescent Proteins from Copepods patent, US-2013168290-A1: Value added spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst composition and a process for preparation thereof patent, US-2015086977-A1: Graphene composition, method of forming a graphene composition and sensor system comprising a graphene composition patent, US-2010193876-A1: METHOD TO REDUCE MOL DAMAGE ON NiSi patent, US-2013160831-A1: Reactive Sputtering of ZnS(O,H) and InS(O,H) for Use as a Buffer Layer patent, US-2013316950-A1: Mimetic peptides derived from collagen type iv and their use for treating angiogenesis- and lymphagiogenesis-dependent diseases patent, US-2013082357-A1: Preformed textured semiconductor layer patent, US-2012294893-A1: Edible jelly-form composition, jelly-form preparation and method for producing jelly-form preparation patent, US-2010180081-A1: Adaptive Data Prefetch System and Method patent, US-2010154105-A1: Treated cuff patent, US-2011284262-A1: Controlled Self Assembly of Anisotropic Conductive Adhesives Based on Ferromagnetic Particles patent, US-2010252815-A1: Structurally stabilized semiconductor nanowire patent, US-2011236442-A1: Solid oral sensorial products including stain inhibitor patent, US-2011069230-A1: Caption and/or Metadata Synchronization for Replay of Previously or Simultaneously Recorded Live Programs patent, US-2011215273-A1: Hydrofluoroolefins, manufacture of hydrofluoroolefins and methods of using hydrofluoroolefins patent, US-2011079796-A1: Nano structured leds patent, US-2012211747-A1: Pn junctions and methods patent, US-2012282219-A1: Peptidomimetic protease inhibitors patent, US-2013131052-A1: Amelioration Of The Development Of Cataracts And Other Ophthalmic Diseases patent, US-2013156695-A1: Use of zcytor17 ligand antagonists for treating inflammatory diseases patent, US-2014239011-A1: Container for use with a counter mounted dispensing system patent, US-2010247517-A1: Use of mnk inhibitors for the treatment of alzheimer's disease patent, US-2011160236-A1: Treating Vascular Events with Statins by Inhibiting PAR-1 and PAR-4 patent, US-2012093944-A1: Method for surface inclusions detection, enhancement of endothelial and osteoblast cells adhesion and proliferation, sterilization of electropolished and magnetoelectropolished nitinol surfaces patent, US-2013204097-A1: Method and system for identifying a location for nerve stimulation patent, US-2013245037-A1: Stabilization of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF) Alpha patent, US-2014212507-A1: Method for determining a therapeutic approach for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (amd) patent, US-2015044428-A1: Nano-gap articles and methods of manufacture patent, US-2012097072-A1: Cementitious compositions for decreasing the rate of water vapor emissions from concrete and methods for preparing and using the same patent, US-2013236616-A1: Method of scavenging oxygen and absorbing oxygen patent, US-2013337517-A1: Enhanced efficiency ethanol and sugar conversion processes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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